The winter months are downtime for most landscapers, but with spring around the corner your service should begin providing treatment. As long as the ground isn’t still saturated with moisture from snow, service can begin. Spring landscape service season is here!

Heres what you should expect from your landscaping service in March:

  1. Clean-Up — All the leftover leaves, sticks, broken branches, and assorted detritus that finds its way into your landscaping during winter needs to be picked up. Old mulch thats clumped up can also be removed or smoothed out. Your landscaping service should come around and begin the cleanup process in March.
  2. Grass Preparation — Your grass, which has been dormant for several months, will quickly resuscitate. Your service can begin raking the grass to loosen up the soil underneath and, depending on the weather, may choose to put down a pre-emergent to guard against early weeds. If the grass begins to grow early, mowing should resume.
  3. Garden Preparation — It may be too early to put down new mulch, but your service can shape your garden for the refresh. Requesting that they begin edging and defining your landscaping is perfectly acceptable in March.
  4. Pruning — Shrubs and trees should be cut back and shaped before the leaves appear. Your landscapers can take a look at each individual element and determine whether they need to be pruned.
  5. Pre-Emergence — One of the best ways to attack weeds to take the fight to them before they sprout. Your service can put down pre-emergent treatments in your grass and garden beds, which may help to minimize their pervasiveness.

Is your current landscaping service completing these steps? If not, wed love to help. Contact us today to learn more.


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