Landscape Solutions — Prepared for Whatever Mother Nature Serves Up

While many were caught off guard by the magnitude of the wintery weather last year, we at Landscape Solutions were well-prepared on behalf of our clients. The only thing that slowed us in our efforts to combat the snow and ice on the property of our clients was when conditions became dangerous to our team members — and that was rare. If you are a property manager or HOA officer charged with the responsibility of securing a snow removal provider for neighborhood streets, parking lots or common areas, then you know how much is riding on quality service.

For businesses, any delay in clearing parking lots and sidewalks can mean lost business or potential accidents. Those living in housing subdivisions depend on the streets being cleared in order to get to school and work safely. We appreciate that for our clients, their lifestyle, their business, and even their livelihood depends on us doing our job effectively and quickly.

We Anticipate Winter Weather Events

At Landscape Solutions, we have staff dedicated to tracking weather and storm conditions. We follow the trusted and proven forecast of so that we can always be ahead of the conditions. By carefully tracking the temperature and precipitation conditions, we can effectively pre-treat pavement to prevent ice build-up and staff our people at the most needed time to clear snow. Old Man Winter will not find us sleeping.

As Always, We Are Respectful of the Environment

In addition to the peace of mind that comes with a reliable snow and ice removal plan, property managers and HOA officers appreciate Landscape Solutions’ commitment to protecting the environment. For snow removal, many of our fleet vehicles are powered by alternative fuel, which is proven to produce fewer harmful emissions than traditional gasoline or diesel fueled engines. With every alternative fueled vehicle we put on the street, we are producing less carbon dioxide (greenhouse gas) and helping to prevent air pollution.

When it comes to battling ice, our commitment to environmental responsibility continues. As much as possible and as supply permits, we at Landscape Solutions make it our goal to use products that effectively control ice, AND offer the additional benefit of being less harmful to the environment — including people, pets, and vegetation. 

The Choice for Snow and Ice Removal is Clear

If you are a property manager or HOA officer in central Indiana charged with the responsibility of finding a provider of snow and ice removal services, Landscape Solutions is a clear choice. A partnership with Landscape Solutions will give you:

  • the peace of mind of effective snow and ice removal.
  • a tailored plan that will maximize effectiveness or our efforts and keep your costs down.
  • the assurance that these efforts will be taken in an environmentally conscious way — with alternatively fueled fleet vehicles and chemicals that mitigate damage to the environment and your property.

Get Started with Your Customized Snow and Ice Removal Plan

Read more about our Snow and Ice Removal Services or Contact Landscape Solutions so we can start customizing our response to winter weather for YOUR property today! We service the Central Indiana area, including Hamilton County (including Carmel, Westfield, Noblesville), Greentown, Kokomo, and Lafayette, Indiana.

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