Indiana weather is nothing if not unpredictable! While we can all enjoy the record-breaking warmth we have had this February, it does have some potential effects on the coming landscape season…

More Mowing Occurrences

Based on agricultural growing degree days, we are currently about four weeks ahead of schedule. This means we will likely be mowing grass by mid-March. That could result in the 2017 mowing season being 32-36 weeks long. With most commercial contracts specifying 26-30 mowing occurrences, there could be a bridge to gap come fall.

Bud Damage

You have probably noticed many of the early blooming trees, shrubs, and perennial plants already beginning to bud and sprout. Some spring daffodils have even fully bloomed already. While our plants coming to life are an exciting harbinger of spring. The new buds and growth are susceptible to damage from cold weather like what we experienced over the weekend. The good news is, Mother Nature is very resilient, and most of these plants will suffer no long-term damage from their seasonal confusion. The bad news is, some plants may not bloom this year if the emerging buds suffer too much damage from the colder temperatures.

Earlier Weed Germination

Being four weeks ahead of schedule not only means earlier grass growth and blooming of landscape plants, it also means earlier germination of undesirable weeds. We are adjusting our turf treatment schedules and formulations accordingly, but it may be tricky season. This would be a good year to consider adding an additional turf treatment, if you don’t have five occurrences in your contract.

Stay tuned… as spring services kick off, we will keep you updated on any weather-related impacts to the 2017 landscape season. If you don’t have a maintenance contract in place yet, talk to your Landscape Solutions representative. Let us help you get ahead of the curve!


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