Thanks to our many long-time customers as well as those new to our services, Landscape Solutions, LLC., has enjoyed several years of steady growth and success. We want to thank all of our customers — home owners, property managers, homeowners’ associations — for their business and trusting us with your landscape and snow removal needs. It is our desire and intention to always provide the high level of service that sells our service and keeps our clients happy. To that end, the Chairman of the Board of Landscape Solutions, Stephanie Spear, is announcing some exciting changes.

Bob Callaghan Becomes Vice President of Operations & Sales

Serving in the Business Development position for the last few years, Bob Callaghan, who did an incredible job of advancing the mission of Landscape Solutions to offer our services not only with the highest quality, but with a keen awareness of the importance of protecting our natural environment.

Bob Callaghan has also attended and spoken at various trade shows and conventions, educating and encouraging other companies to adopt some of the environmentally-conscious methods we have been incorporating for years. For Landscape Solutions and Bob Callaghan, “being green,” isn’t just a business gimmick, it’s a vision and movement that we’d like to see grow.

We are certain that Bob will bring that same level of dedication and innovation to his new position with Landscape Solutions, Vice President of Operations and Sales. It is important to us not only to maintain an excellent level of service to our current clients, but to reach out and introduce our cutting-edge approach to landscape services to new customers. Because we see every potential client as unique and individual, we take an approach that is also unique and individual. We evaluate the needs and propose a custom plan that maximizes your resources.

Taking care of our current clients and welcoming new ones requires a lot of dedication and talent, and we are confident that Bob Callaghan will do an excellent job.

Brian Spear Becomes President of Landscape Solutions

Serving many years as Landscape Solutions’ Vice President of Operations and Sales, Brian Spear has successfully grown the business season after season. Brian was among the first to cast the vision of Landscape Solutions, which started with a few propane-powered pieces of equipment. Recognizing the impact that could be had with every gasoline-powered mower that was taken out of the fleet, he continued to support the research and development of green initiatives.

This green distinction is attractive to many clients, but it’s the incredible and personal service that they enjoy from Brian Spear and Landscape Solutions that keeps their business. Just as Brian Spear is promoted to President of Landscape Solutions, his dedication to service and environmental responsibility will follow him into his new position.

How Will These Changes Affect Our Clients?

Our clients will continue to enjoy the reliable, top-notch service they have come to expect. If anything, services will improve as our resources are reorganized. Over time, we expect these changes will also further expand our use of environmentally friendly products and methods. Technology changes constantly and we are ready, willing, and able to adapt.

Congratulations to our Landscape Solutions personnel on their new positions and responsibilities, and thank you to our valued clients for making it possible!

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