While you’re soaking up the sun, swimming through the humidity, and enjoying the beauty of summer flowers, snow and wintry weather are likely the last things on your mind. As you know though, it’s always best to plan ahead, and now is the time to start thinking about the coming winter. Once that’s settled, it’s on to next summer! Here’s why it benefits you to get an early start…

Perfect Your Scope

Every property is unique, with its own set of needs. Plant varieties, parking lot layouts, tenants, owner preferences, and budgetary restrictions all have an impact on the optimal scope for a particular site. Additionally, landscape and snow removal needs change from year-to-year; there are multiple different price structures available; timing can be critical when it comes to planting trees, plants, and turf grass; unaddressed tree issues can lead to significant liabilities and expenses down the road. An optimal service scope and a long-term plan will allow you to get the most value from your landscape, your vendor, and your budget.

Bid Early for Better Proposals

Giving your vendors plenty of time to prepare bids allows for greater accuracy. What you end up with is better “apples to apples” bids, more time to get questions answered and analyze proposals, and ultimately better service when the work finally begins.

Contract Early for Better Service

While you may have visions of a fleet of idling lawn mowers and snow plows, the reality is, even the biggest of contractors plan their staffing, routing, and equipment and material purchasing, on projected sales. Making contract decisions early allows your vendors more time to plan, which leads to better, more efficient, and often less expensive service. A good rule of thumb is to make snow decisions by the end of September, and landscape decisions by Thanksgiving.

Look for future posts on scope and price structure. In the meantime, Landscape Solutions is happy to assist you with scope and RFP development. Now, enjoy the summer while it’s here!

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