Salt budgets are Being Increased for a Couple of Reasons

More Salt is Being Ordered

Many counties and organizations ran out or ran short of salt last winter as they desperately tried to keep up with Mother Nature’s relentless wrath. When they tried to order more salt, officials found, if they could get it at all, that they paid a premium for it as demand drove the price up and supplies had to be trucked in from long distances.

Agencies that ran short of supplies had to get creative — cutting salt with sand to extend resources. As another harsh winter has been predicted in Indiana, officials are ordering more supplies. Leaders from Madison County, which includes communities around Anderson, Indiana, said they’re ordering more salt than last year to combat the elements on their 800 miles of roadway. Morgan County, which is responsible for some 700 miles of roadway, actually ran out last year, and will buy extra salt this year. Morgan County officials say they now have 550 tons, and that must last them until the middle of December, when they’ll order an extra 1,500 tons.

As larger supplies of salt is ordered, the budget must be increased accordingly.

The Price Has Gone Up

As county governments and private snow removal companies are ordering more salt, hoping to be better prepared for the coming winter, it drives the cost of salt up as demand increases. Experts explain that logistics, price bidding and supply challenges are contributing to the increase in salt prices.

Madison County officials report prices of $6/ton above last year. The price increase, coupled with the additional supply of salt they are ordering amounts to an overall budget increase of $4,000. Hamilton County, with over 1,000 miles of roadways, will see an increased cost of $40,000. Morgan County reports a paying $20 more per ton than last year and Boone County reports an increase of a staggering $30/ton, bringing their cost to $100/ton!

To pay for the beefed up supplies and increased prices, county officials are forced to trim from other budget areas.

Landscape Solutions Adjusts to Market Forces

Unfortunately, we at Landscape Solutions are not immune from the economic forces. As we prepare to provide our snow removal services to our valued clients. we are seeing a 58% increase in salt prices over last year.

When resource prices go up so much, it becomes exponentially more important to be prudent and efficient with said resources, which is why we incorporate a custom approach for each of our clients. At Landscape Solutions, we don’t have a “one size fits all” approach to combating the elements.

We consider the unique needs of our clients and develop a custom plan — tailored to the client’s needs and budget. Our plan begins by surveying the property to identify areas that may require special or priority treatment. When dangerous weather is predicted, our team monitors meteorological conditions around the clock to determine the timing and methods we will use to combat the elements. By applying chemicals at the ideal time, we conserve resources and maximize their efficiency and effectiveness. This greatly improves our ability to help keep costs down for our clients.

Let Us Create a Custom Plan for YOU

It is an unfortunate truth that the increase in the cost of resources will trickle down to those who seek snow removal services, but be sure that whatever your budget, we at Landscape Solutions will see that you get the most for your money. If you are in a position where you are responsible for snow removal — be it in property management or as a Homeowner’s Association Officer — let us help you stretch your budget while still getting the quality service you want.

Read more about our Snow and Ice Removal Services or Contact Landscape Solutions so we can start customizing our response to winter weather for YOUR property today! We service the Central Indiana area, including Hamilton County (including Carmel, Westfield, Noblesville), Greentown, Kokomo, and Lafayette, Indiana.

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