We are only halfway through July, and we’ve already well exceeded the average monthly rainfall in central Indiana. In fact, July 7th alone saw 4.53”; only .02” shy of the typical average for the entire month!

What does all this rain mean for your landscape? While the water is good for many of our landscape plants, there are some detriments to so much rain.

Mitigating Issues in Turf Grass

Excessive rainfall can affect your turf grass in the following ways:

  • Dilute fertilizer, leaving turf wanting for nutrients.
  • Dilute herbicide, minimizing the efficacy of weed control.
  • Promote weed growth by giving weeds the water they need to germinate and grow.
  • Promote mosquito population growth by providing the standing water needed for breeding.
  • Encourage shallow root growth, leaving grass more susceptible to drought stress in the future.

If your property is only contracted for four turf applications, this would be a great year to add a fifth round. To help combat the mosquito problem, Landscape Solutions is offering a free mosquito treatment to any property that adds a fifth round of turf treatment!

Contact your Landscape Solutions representative to add a fifth round today!

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