Lawnmowers have remained relatively unchanged for decades. The majority of users opt for some form of gas powered mower, while a few, more environmentally conscious consumers choose electric versions. But the choices don’t end there, as a growing contingency are selecting propane powered mowers.

If you’re unfamiliar with the propane option, here are the basics:

  • Propane Costs Less — Though gas has gone down in price during the past year, propane is still between one-third and one-half the cost less. Propane also doesnt evaporate or spill, plus the wear and tear propane puts on engine is considerably less than gas. Basically, its cleaner and less wasteful.
  • Propane Mowers are More Reliable — Gas engines create a lot of heat, which leads to parts breaking down. Because propane burns cooler, it doesnt put as much stress on the engine. Parts last longer and your mower will be more reliable. With a propane mower, you can expect greater performance over time.
  • Fueling is Simple — Think about a propane grill. You unscrew the cap, pull off the empty tank, and reconnect with a full tank. All done. Propane mowers are the same. You remove the empty tank and screw on a new one. No more spilling gas or mid-mow trips to the gas station for a refill.
  • Environmental Friendliness — Propane is a cleaner burning fuel compared to gasoline. Less harmful emissions means greater environmental friendliness.

Another potential benefit – though one that must be confirmed based on geography — is whether use of propane mowers may be eligible for government incentives or tax credits. Whether you’re buying a new propane mower or converting a gas mower to propane, its worth investigating.

Would you like to learn more about the benefits of propane mowers? Contact us today to find out more.

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