Winter can become a never ending burden for facilities managers. Heavy snow and ice and extreme temperatures can lead to power outages and potential safety issues.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take in fall to prepare your facility for the frigid winter.

  1. Service Your HVAC Systems — Just like if you were a homeowner, its best to have a technician run a full diagnostic test on your heating and cooling systems before the weather goes south. Potential issues can often be avoided with proactive maintenance. While you’re at it, have an expert check all exposed pipes. You don’t want one to suddenly burst because of extreme cold.
  2. Review Contingency Plans — Do you have a backup generator? What happens if your power — and Internet — goes down? Take a look at your facility’s policies and procedures for addressing issues that can cause work to be disrupted. If you’re worried about extreme weather that can lead to safety concerns, review all emergency plans as well.
  3. Stock Up — One of the biggest fears for facilities managers is that a person walking to a building will slip and fall. Having a full complement of deicing material on hand allows you to always have enough to put down on hard exterior surfaces. Deicing compounds can help reduce ice from being formed, as well as encourage it to melt faster.
  4. Don’t Forget Inside — When its snowy and wet outside, people drag that moisture into the building, which can lead to slippery floors. Large, absorbent floor mats at the inside of all entrances can minimize the amount of liquid that makes its way into the building, improving safety and reducing wear on hardwood floors and carpets.
  5. Budget Now — You cant predict the weather, but you can do your best to plan your budgetary costs for battling it. Don’t wait for the first big snowfall to realize your snow blowers are broken and you didn’t stock enough ice melt.

Is your facility ready for winter? Contact us today to learn how we can help you prepare.

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