Combined professional expertise

Our team of professionals works together to provide our clients with an exceptional experience from start to finish. Contact any of our staff below for more information on how we can best serve your needs. 

STEPHANIE SPEAR, Owner/President

Since the start, Landscape Solutions has been a 100% Women Based Enterprise. Stephanie leads our “community service vision” and takes great pride in the company’s ability to routinely exceed customer expectations. 

BRIAN SPEAR, Vice President

Brian has been with Landscape Solutions since its inception and makes customer satisfaction his number one goal. Brian is committed to implementing eco-friendly “green” ideas, from using propane as an alternative fuel source to choosing equipment with low-tone technology. As a result, Landscape Solutions has become the industry leader in green technology in central Indiana.

BOB CALLAGHAN, Business Development

Bob is a degreed landscape architect with twenty years of landscape expertise, specializing in all aspects of the landscape design process. Armed with this knowledge and his outstanding customer service skills, Bob’s dedication to developing relationships with customers is second to none.

JEANIE SNAY, Office Manager

Jeannie is your first contact with the company and the primary resource for customer service inquires and general information. She also brings her passion and energy to our community service programs and events.

JENNIFER HOWELL, Assistant to President /Vice President

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