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As landscape management providers, we are keenly aware of the importance of protecting our natural environment. While “being green” may be a catch phrase with other companies, at Landscape Solutions our commitment to eco-friendly practices is demonstrated in our lawn and landscape maintenance practices and in the methods we use to combat snow and ice.

Propane-Fueled Mowers

Landscape Solutions was the first company in central Indiana to integrate our fleet with propane-fueled mowers. Why use propane instead of gasoline?

Less harmful emissions

When compared to gasoline, using propane to power lawn equipment cuts the amount of greenhouse gas emissions in half. Propane can reduce carcinogens and toxins, such as toluene and benzene, as much as 90 percent. The exhaust from propane, as opposed to gasoline, results in 60 to 70 percent less smog producing hydrocarbons. Other benefits include significant reductions in carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and nitrous oxide.

Environmentally responsible 

Propane is one of the cleanest burning fossil fuels. It is nontoxic and not harmful to water or soil.

Increased safety, decreased noise pollution

Propane is safe, being much less flammable than diesel or gasoline. In addition, our small engine equipment is equipped with low tone technology to keep noise pollution at a minimum.

Less dependence on foreign oil

Finally, 90 percent of the propane we use in the U.S. is produced domestically, making a consistent supply possible and ultimately reducing our dependence on foreign oil.

Because decreasing the impact of our carbon footprint is important to Landscape Solutions, we consider alternatively-fueled equipment like propane the only environmentally responsible choice.

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Alternatively-Fueled Fleet Vehicles

In addition to propane powered mowers and equipment, our trucks to run on propane as well. Every Landscape Solutions truck you see in your community represents a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and an improvement in the quality of the air we all breathe.

In 2013, we invested in Chevrolet Volts for all Landscape Solutions account representatives and staff. Chevy Volts are gas/electric hybrid vehicles that can average 900 miles between fill-ups!


Environmentally Friendly Landscape Options

Organic fertilization and weed control

Landscape Solutions offers Certified Organic Fertilizer that feeds turf and soil while creating the proper balance of microbes that allow healthier, thicker grass to grow. In addition to being safer for individuals and local ecosystems, our all-natural products keep weeds under control and landscape lush and beautiful.

Water-saving irrigation

With the proper irrigation system in place, water conservation is easily improved. We recommend water saving technologies such as pressure regulated spray heads, rain/moisture sensors and smart controllers to create more efficient irrigation systems.

The future of our environment depends on long-term sustainability. Integrating new environmentally friendly technology as it becomes available will continue to be a priority at Landscape Solutions. Call us today to discuss how we can put our green technology to work for you.


Combatting Snow & Ice Without Harming the Environment

The traditional weapon used to combat ice, (rock salt, or sodium chloride) is cheap and effective in the short-term, but the harm comes after the ice and snow are gone. Sodium chloride is devastating to vegetation and dangerous for pets. Residual product gets washed into waterways where the increased salinity can be harmful to fish and contaminate the supply of drinking water.

At Landscape Solutions, our commitment to protecting our environment compels us to take a different approach. We didn’t stop with an alternatively-fueled fleet of snow removal trucks to reduce harmful emissions, we also use products to combat ice that have been developed to be effective, but gentler to the environment than traditional ice-removal methods. The key is in striking a balance between effectiveness and the environmental impact of a product.

The Ice Melt Products We Proudly Use — Ice Cutter® & Pure Melt®

The products we use are not only effective means of ice control, but offer the additional benefit of being less harmful to the environment — including people, pets, and vegetation. When used as directed, these products:

  • Provide no-slip protection on steps, sidewalks, and driveways
  • Feature long-lasting melting action for added protection and economy
  • Have a highly visible color indicator
  • Are safe for pets
  • Will not kill vegetation
  • Will not damage concrete
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Platinum Member of the Greater Indiana Clean Cities Coalition

Furthering our commitment to environmentally friendly measures, we have become a platinum member of the Greater Indiana Clean Cities Coalition.

The Greater Indiana Clean Cities Coalition exists to be a resource for their member fleets in their deployment of alternative fuels and technologies. They do this by hosting educational events that foster networking opportunities to facilitate partnerships between fleets and industry providers. We expect the relationship with Greater Indiana Clean Cities to help us promote the use of propane as an alternative fuel in the landscape industry.

Landscape Solutions is committed to opening doors to help educate, motivate and display to the general public, businesses, government agencies and other service providers to the benefits of using alternative fuels.

Read the Landscape Solutions Member Spotlight at The Greater Indiana Clean Cities Coalition website.

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