Indiana weather is historically unpredictable. A 75 degree day in January is just as possible as heavy frost in May. While the shifting temperatures may add variety to your wardrobe, it can be especially difficult on your landscaping. One weather possibility that all landscapers fear is a dry summer. Weeks without rain can cause your grass to dry up and turn brown and kill sensitive plants. After a mild winter in central Indiana, some forecasters have predicted a dry summer.

Here are 5 tips to prepare your landscaping for that possibility:

  1. Water Until You Cant — As long as the weather cooperates, keep your plants and grass watered. You want to ensure your the roots remain strong in the event of an extended period of dry heat. Maintaining proper care of your greenery will help it to bounce back after a drought. If you plant new shrubs early in the season, choose varieties that are native to the region. They’re more likely to make it through a tough stretch.
  2. Mulch Early — Laying down a few inches of new mulch around plants early in the season helps to prevent the soil underneath from drying out during an extended heat wave. You can also place new mulch around trees but make sure it doesn’t cover up the trunks.
  3. Monitor Your Fertilization Schedule — Some landscapers insist on sticking to their fertilization regimen regardless of weather. When the weather is hot and dry, fertilizers can do more harm than good. You don’t want to apply anything when theres no moisture to help the compounds work their way into the soil. Your grass may look terrible, but it will have a better chance of bouncing back naturally. Keep a close eye on your application schedule.

Are you concerned about your landscaping this summer? We can help! Contact us today to learn more.

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